Sunday, October 29, 2006

Aihara Visuals

I wanted to take this moment to introduce my sister Kim's other talent..yes she is my partner in crime with the jewelry, but she's also been dabbling in photography for about a year now. Just the like jewelry..her hobby has turned into a little business that is fast growing. Check her work out at Aihara Visuals

If you're coming to Hawaii to get married or just want to have a really cool photoshoot out by the beach I highly recommend Aihara Visuals! Kim and her hubby Nate (also very artistic) shoot together..each with thier own camera so they get the event covered from more then one angle and are able to capture the emotion of the event very well.

Here's one of her her latest shots of her two nephews Kana and Koa...I just love this pic!

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My precious neice Kiley wearing the jewelry I made her for a wedding she was in :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My son's first concert..

This is my son and husband...they don't look very enthused here lol! they were quite excited though. Pat Benetar played on Maui...we don't get very many bigger names here. Amazing it was my kid that wanted to go so bad..he loves Pat Benetar...that's his dads fault..we are always reminiscing with our 80's music. So this was Cameron's first concert. I stayed home...not really a Pat Benetar fan myself. Posted by Picasa

I love this pic my sis took of my nephew Koa Posted by Picasa

Mother of Pearl Square Dangle earrings

autumn jewelry

This one is not even priced and on the website's waiting for the matching necklace. I was out of gold crimp covers so had to wait till they came in so I could finish it. just got them hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow if the weather behaves.