Friday, November 12, 2010

New Pearl and Hand Knotted Silk Necklaces...

Fresh new pieces just added to the shop :D

Purple Plumeria - Freshwater Pearl and Paua Shell Silk Knotted Necklace

Mysterious Blue - Freshwater Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Silk Knotted Necklace

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New ArtFire Collection - So Soft and Dreamy

One of my favorite pieces designed by my sister Kimberlee Aihara of Aihara Visuals was chosen for the dreamiest ArtFire Collection today..its the second necklace on the second row.

Here is a close up picture

Thank you to Phyllis from Gold Bracelets at ArtFire for creating this dreamlike collection and including Jonara Blu Maui :)

If you are interested in the necklace, it's entitled "Dream Garden" and is on sale! You can find it here Dream Garden Beaded Necklace in my shop at ArtFire

or here Dream Garden Beaded Necklace in my shop at RubyLane

or here Dream Garden Beaded Necklace in my shop at Etsy

Monday, November 01, 2010

Long overdue thank you's

I was both over-joyed and mortiphied this morning as I realized my FaceBook page for my jewelry shop was auto-hiding all the wonderful comments people were leaving there. So it appeared that I was ignoring everyone and not saying thank you! Why was I over joyed though you ask? Because what a nice thing to wake up comments like these:

I'm almost thankful that the jewelry designer whose work I loved on Oahu vanished into thin air because that's when I discovered Jonara Blu! I will be in touch with you soon with a new order!

Marlene Schulz

Love, love, love my new pieces.... and thanks for the Jonara Blu bucks! You'll be hearing from me again sooooooooon, Jamee!

Marlene Schulz

I'm not just a fan, I'm an adoring fan! Jamee made the most perfect and beautiful jewerly for me so I could wear on my beach wedding. I just cant stop raving on what a superb job she did. It is truly gorgeous jewelry. Thanks again Jamee!

Omayra Miranda

Jamee, I love your jewellry as it's absolutely beautifull and I can feel the Island feel to all of it just by looking at the photo's.

Lisa Smith-Rutherford

Jamee, your jewellery is so beautiful, I love how your photograph it!

Pamela Davies

You have such beautiful jewelry! Classic and timeless... :) I definitely know where I'll go when I'm in the market.

Jessica Seng Jensen

Hi from your newest fan - greetings from Melbourne :D!

Val Zdero

I can totally feel the LUV! A very belated thank you to everyone!

If you'd like to link to my facebook page here I am --->Jonara Blu Maui's FaceBook page