Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's been going on?

Looks like my blog got away from me again! That happens every so many things to keep up on..sometimes something has got to give. I must admit though..I have fallen in love and am allowing it to steal up a lot of my time.

I mean who can resist cuties like this?

We have 5 new babies..all about 3 weeks to a month old. And we are expecting more very soon! I've also become momma to some orphaned chicks..

They were only a couple of weeks in the they are about 2 1/2 months old. Super fun and friendly though. If you sit on our deck..they will end up in your lap. Here they are greeting us in the morning the other day..I'm sure they would love nothing more then to come into the house lol!

It's cold at our new down to 48 one night...but only once so far. Usually it's around 53 or 54 on a cold night. Looks like spring outside though with all the new babies around us and our Japanese peach tree in bloom:

And of course I am still creating jewelry. Though not at the same pace as I would like to. I have so many new supplies to work with, I can't wait until tax season is over so I will have more time to play. It's that time of year again to catch up on my very neglected bookkeeping for both my business and my husbands business so that I can gather all the info for the CPA. Here are some of the new Hawaiian leaf shells..just love them! Can't wait to incorporate them into more pieces ;)

Well that's a super quick update..hope that everyone is doing well. I miss reading all of your blogs and hope to get back to it soon!

Jonara Blu Maui