Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spring flowers for all you winter people out there

Christina from This Girl Beads suggested I post some pics of flowers blooming here on my sunny little island. We have had cold weather but not near enough to stop all the plants from blooming. My plumeria tree does go dormant every year though. And my gerber daisy's..I thought they died because of the drought..but with two weeks of rain one popped up and said "Hello!" Perhaps they go dormant too? A lot of plants bloom year 'round here.

More flowers from the yard:

Strange alien plant I have no idea what it is. Hubby brought home from a job one day a bulb that grows on top of the ground..we planted it and this is what grew. The bulb is huge a football size.

This rose was so the picture it looks like I photoshopped it onto the picture..I didn't!

Geraniums amongst some heleconia stalks

Now for some spring earrings:

I love the powdered almond color of the Swarovski crystal faux pearls. They match so nicely with the champagne colored plumeria shells I use in my jewelry. They are new in my shop, just in time for wedding season. these would be so perfect for an island bride getting married on the beach.Available here

Lime green and pink are the epitomy of spring colors. These plumerias are carved from the conch shell and have lime green dyed tuquoise accompanying them. Available here

White mother of pearl plumerias with spring green freshwater coin pearls. Available here

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend stuff

I planned to not touch my tax stuff this weekend..I worked so hard all week that I felt I deserved a break. But here I sit...working on tax stuff again..there is just so much to do. I literally drowned in receipts every year around this time. It's so overwhelming but little by little it starts coming together. The reason it's such a pain is that I fall behind with my bookkeeping for both my jewelry business and my husbands business (Offshore Window Tinting) every a lot of receipts need to be imput into the books. I never ever learn my lesson. I need to rest my brain though so I thought I'd add a post to the blog.

I don't have any new pics to share so I will share some of what my husband does for work:

here are just a few pics of the many things he does...

installs sunroofs

paints and repairs bumpers:

window tinting...

So not much going on this weekend... the family has been home sick. It seems everyone is getting this cough. I'm finally feeling better after 3 weeks..but still have an afternoon cough. Funny I'm coughing in the afternoons..our son is coughing at night so none of us can get to sleep and my husband wakes up at 6 a.m. coughing and wakes us all up. It's been very tiring! At least it's finally warming up and drying up..we had like 2 weeks straight of pouring rain. Now we really need to get out and soak in some healing rays at the beach. Hopefully next weekend.

Yesterday I made a big order of coin pearls from one of my new suppliers I was really excited about. They started having problems so I wasn't able to use them for a while. They made a move though and are now back in I hope this order works out. I'm really excited about these as I've never had this color of coin pearl before..I hope it's as teal green as the suppliers pictures shows it here..its hard to capture the true color on pearls. Thats why I take my pics outside preferably in cloud cover..if not on the edge of the shade next to the sun..but never full sun:

Also on Saturday I completed the last 2 of 5 special orders I've been working on over the last couple of weeks. I should have gotten pictures of them today..the weather was so nice..but I forgot. So I will do that in the morning and send them off to my customers for final approval.

Hubby worked on the yard all day Saturday. It looks so nice. The drought had gone on for so long there were big dirt sections in our lawn. But now with all this rain finally it's really over grown. It looks nice all freshly cut..but I have to say I do love all the dandilions and other wild flowers that show up when it's overgrown. We have the cutest little raspberry skittle colored wild flower poofs that grow out in the grass. I don't know what they are..but I love them. Amazingly a lot of my plants came back after the drought. A lot of my potted flowers that my husband has bought me over the years that we had planted in the ground all made it. :) 2 of my 3 gerbers died though..and my pink carnations died. They were strange though..just kept spreading and growing leaves..but never anymore flowers. Also our red impatiens in the front yard died..hubby just replaced them all for me with pink ones.

I hung out inside to finish some custom orders. I watched some old Babylon 5 tv shows on the computer at In2TV - AOL Television . They have a lot of old funky tv shows you can watch for free. I go through and watch them sometimes when I'm tired of listening to music while I bead...just another background noise as it helps me to focus. I made 3 pairs of cute earrings but 2 are with gold and I'm out of gold ear wires. So today I made more orders for that kind of not so fun stuff to spend money on...findings...which are things like ear wires, head pins, clasps..etc. That stuff adds up big time!

I've got another bracelet layed out with paua shell, amazonite and labradorite with Hill Tribe silver...a combo that I love to do..but this time I'm toying around with putting in some white coin pearls and other white nugget pearls. Not sure yet if I will keep it that way.

Then I started feeling guilty about playing and rembered how BADLY I want to finish all this up by the end of I got back to work. If anything...all this bookkeepign makes me appreciate getting back to jewelry making all the more. I've got 1/2 an hour before I hit the sack..hopefully I can reach the bottom of this pile sitting in front of me!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Cool Retro Chairs from Craigslist

I'm always reading Christina's blog This Girl Beads and am jealous of all her cool thrift store finds.(Not to mention I enjoy her taste in etsy finds and beautiful jewelry projects) We don't have a lot of places to find cool vintage stuff on Maui though so I was very excited when I found these really cool authentic retro chairs through craigslist for only $25 for the pair!

I didn't realize the chairs were so authentic until we got to the sellers house..they actually aunt has a card table and 4 wood folding chairs that she has had ever since I can remember..these seem to work the same..

I want to change my living room from all of it's deep purple and olive green and it's hodge-podge of bohemian beaded lamps and frames to a more clean retro look..although I don't wanna go too over board with the retro. And I want seems so dark in my living room. So about 6 months before I found the chairs..I got this pillow at Pier One Imports as an inspiration for my color palate. I'd like to have a base of dark brown so I can really toss in any color accents I want...change them up or whatever..kinda like I do with my jewelry.

Oh and I also love reading Frecklewonder's blog she is a vintage diva! Her pictures are so fun and colorful to look at and all her finds are so cool...for some reason it just makes me happy. Perhaps it's the childhood memories the images bring up. You catch glimpses of her own house and how it's decorated..even how their table is set for family meals with dishes and tablecloths my grandmother and mother really takes you back. I wonder what she would think of my chairs? ;)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Keshi Pearl Charm Bracelet Spotlight

This is one of my's hard to capture in a picture the amount of actual sparkle and the way the pink keshi pearls and aurora borealis play in the light. The Swarovski crystals are a color called 'light Colorado topaz ABx2' so they are a light topaz color with a double coating of the aurora borealis effect. It makes the crystals appear more pink then they do the light tannish color of topaz..yet the topaz base makes it a very natural looks great with warm tone of the 14k gold filled metals. If you are interested this piece is available here

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wedding Season

It's that time of year again...time when all the wedding requests start coming in. My sister of Aihara Visuals Photography just got back from the huge wedding fair on Oahu at the Blaisdell was packed!

In anticipation of this season I had begun to make more wedding oriented pieces..however my wholesale account in England snagged up all I'd made so far for a bridal show they will be going to over there. And now I've been busy with getting my tax papers together and working on special orders so my bridal jewelry selection is begging for more attention. So yesterday I made these..and hopefully will have more soon:

Beach bride anklet available here

Heres an alternative if white is not for you..perhaps a little pink. This and the earrings below have not been listed on my site just you are getting a sneak preview.

'Pink Splash' earrings available here

This one is from last year and on sale for 50%'s perfect for that beach wedding you have been dreaming about. Available here

And here is my first custom wedding request for the year... The bride picked out earrings similar to these in my shop only she wanted the olivine Swarovski crystal replaced with a fuschia one to match her green and pink garden wedding. We made her 6 pairs of these :)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Turquoise Medley

A fun bright mix of turquoise...

available at Jonara Blu Maui