Friday, April 14, 2006

flu season

I thought we managed to ditch it this year..everyone around us had it in Dec and Jan. My son and I had gotten by with very light colds. I spoke to soon son came down with a nasty flu virus last week..he had 104.3 fever was throwing up and got a bad cough..and I think a sinus infection. He was pretty miserable..wouldn't eat for 4 days. Finally he's eating little bits. He did drink a lot though so thats good. But he is sooo skinny now. He was skinny to begin with. I make him something and he takes like 2 bites. All he wants is apple juice now. I just made him a protien shake and he drank about 1/2. I'll try and get one of those down him every day. He's just so picky with the way things taste right now. Hopefully the rest of us don't get it :\

We are supposed to go to this years SHOPO basketball game on the 29th. I don't know if they do this anywhere else..but the police department gets together with some of the NFL football players to play basketball. The kids get to meet them and get autographs. We went when my son was about he's 14. Hopefully he will enjoy it better since he's older. I keep telling him he has to get his strength up and eat so we can go. There isn't much to do here on Maui..sure there's the beach..but as beautiful as that does get old. I have to watch the little local papers to catch whats going on. We did get to see Cats last year...that was a lot of fun..the kids loved it!

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BeadaPaLooZa said...

You and me both. I thought we had ekked by with out the flu in our house also. My son has been home very very sick. Infact I had to take him to the ER last night. He could not stop getting sick to his stomach and his fever was bad and now Johnny has it.