Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sorry we missed the craft fair...

I wanted to apologize to our regular customers that we see each year at the Ben Franklin Craft fair. If you looked for my sister and I are right..we weren't there. I worked really hard to bring lots of fresh new designsto this years fair..however I had some health issues with my heart that put a damper on things. I've dealt with palpitations off and on my whole adult life...but recently they've gotten worse. Longer bouts of them and more frequently throughout the day. This recent episode has lasted me a month. A few days before the show I had some major ones that almost caused me to pass out. So needless to say I didn't think the craft fair would be such a good idea for me right now. I'm fine..they are harmless...the docs got me on an event recorder for a month. I've had EKG's and the heart holter..but never was able to capture one for the doc to review. with this new little deal I'm catching tons of them for them. They say they are early heart beats and are minor. Just I hope they go away soon.

I do have lots of new jewelry that I'm putting up in the shop little by keep checking back.

It's late and I'm sleepy so I'll have to share pics later ....night!

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Christina said...

That must have been scary. Glad to hear you're okay!