Friday, March 06, 2009

No recent posts..but I promise I haven't been lazy...

Last blog post was Determined not to get lazy... so I just wanted to make clear that even though I haven't been here for a bit again..I have not fallen into lazy mode. Granted this cold weather really makes me want to do nothing but curl up in my jammies and read or watch TV...I have been actually keeping a list of things to do each day for a little over a week and getting most done on it each day..except for my blog lately lol! But it's been great help w/ focusing. (a BIG problem for me)

I will admit though that Cameron and I finally did a walk today for the first time in a couple of weeks. So I have been slacking in that department as well.

Picture: a cute little lawn gnome we caught wandering around a neighbors front yard during one of our walks last fall ;-)

What have I been up to? Well...lots of spring cleaning! I was stuck doing taxes for a couple of months so did minimal cleaning. Taxes are so boring that even cleaning feels good! Cameron's room really needed to be gutted out and have all it's nooks and cranny's vacuumed because of his allergies. We are finding all sorts of things we want to get rid of so will do a garage sale here in a couple of weeks.

Things are starting to pick up a little in the jewelry shop...I recently sold these fun pieces:

Also I'm currently working on a wedding commission for a bride in New York having a Hawaiian themed wedding. Once that is completed I will post pictures.

Hope you are all doing well! I've been trying to visit everyone's blogs..some I have gotten too and some I haven't. It's always fun to read your blogs more then it is to make my own though ;-)


Lou's addictions said...

I love the colour of those pinky red earrings.

I love the spring but hate the whole spring cleaning time, I'd rather be out spotting all the new spring flowers and blossom on the trees than cleaning.

Christina said...

I have been busy with spring cleaning, too. I really like the colors in your little flower earrings.

ChezChani said...

Spring cleaning, hmmm, that's an interesting concept. If only I had the time to explore it.
Beautiful pieces!!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Don't get me wrong guys..I HATE cleaning..but sometimes it feels good. It always feels good after it's done of course..but right now it actually feels good and productive. I think it's just using a different part of my brain..probably not the creative side lol!