Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Hawaiian Goats!

Actually they aren't mine..they live on the property we rent on. It's so much fun to spend time w/ them. I've been going out in the morning when I can and just hang out w/ them for a half an hour or so. Feels better to start my day that way rather then at the computer.

Some of them are nanny's from what I'm told and some Hawaiian Mountain Goats I'm wondering if they mix species..cuz there is one daddy stud and lots of mommas w/ babies. I think we have a hodge podge little group here. I love them though..they are so much fun. The babies are a kick..esp when they try to rear up and butt eachothers heads.

And then there is MO-mo of the goats brought in by a vet who now owns them. He's so friendly and a bit cripple w/ a crooked leg that was eaten by a dog. He runs around on the hillside just like the rest. The other day I was kinda hop-running down the hillside and I guess he thought I was playing so he started rearing up (not at me) and prancing and boinging sideways along side of me. It was the funniest thing..and it felt really cool to be accepted that much into his world lol!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Its almost like you have a mini paradise.
- Jen

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I sure feel like I do! I'm very thankful :)

Marjorie said...

Your goats are fabulous! What nice friends to spend your mornings with. You certainly live in a lovely area and it's nice to see you enjoying it.

ChezChani said...

That is just so wonderful, thanks for sharing those pictures. Such a great way to start the day.