Thursday, September 10, 2009

Majorly Marked Down Clearance Jewelry Listed on Ebay!!

I have just a few pieces left because most sold at my yard sale...but I've put up on Ebay some jewelry I've marked way down for clearance. These are pieces that have been here for quite some time and just not have found the right 'mommy' to adopt them. They are great pieces but usually have a bit of oxidation on the silver.

All pieces are made w/ sterling or 14k gold fill metals. Some even have the higher silver content Hill Tribe silver in them. They are also made w/ semi precious gems and freshwater pearls. There is no catch, I just need to move these out so that I can make room for new pieces.

Auctions start as low as 99 cents!

Beaded Bracelet Pearl and Garnet

Beaded Bracelet w/ Ocean Colors

Beaded Necklace Green and Purple


ChezChani said...

Good luck with this...I used to sell on Ebay but I've never tried the jewelry.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks Elayne..I've stayed away from ebay w/ the jewelry because it seems to be a bargain hunting I only plan to go there w/ my bargains. I've heard it's good just for the marketing get your name out there and that google likes it.