Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring time and more new babies!

It's warming up here finally...way up here on the side of the volcano I call home. It was our first winter at our new place and we loved it! The wood stove was awesome and kept our house nice and toasty. The kitties learned quick were the best place to sleep was!

Taxes are done..the yellow pin coushin protea are blooming like crazy outside my window..peaches are covering the peach tree out back..and more baby goats are here! I do believe springtime has sprung :)

Friday March 19th this little guy was born on our hillside. The owners daughter donned him Chip. (If I haven't explained before..these goats are on the 6 acres of property I live on. Our landlord gave them to a local vet and her fam since he moved away to the mainland. I have become quite close w/ them..the humans and the goats lol! ..helping them out when I can since I'm here all the time. I have kinda been thrown into a situation that I didn't expect and it's been the coolest experience ever!)

Then we had the twins 2 days later Sunday March 21st..their momma Cocoa gave birth to them right at my gate to the pasture by my drive way. She's wild like most of the herd but super used to me..I'm still really suprised she had them right there rather then the bluffs out back like the rest usually do. These two boys have to be the cutest most strangest looking goats ever. The mom is a lamancha (they have super tiny ears) and the dad a nanny..however they pulled all lamancha only one got black and white on it's head from it's black and white daddy:

(you can even see one of the placenta's left by my gate..these cuties were JUST hatched here!)

These baby boys look like wookies or ewoks to me lol! I would have loved to name one Wookie and one Chewy Chewbaka..but they have been donned Splash and Rusty by their little owner..cute names too :) They were a bit weaker then the other goats at first..not sure if it's because of the breed or that they were twins. We think she had them late according to our calculations. I had to watch them closer then the others for about a week. They even fell into a hole we did not know existed on the property. I could not find them anywhere for 2 days. Finally the vets came out (both husband and wife are vets) and the husband found them in a hole covered by a carpet of grass. We were sure to cover it so no more could fall down there..but makes me wonder what other perils exist on this 6 acres of land. Today they are doing very well though and are finally able to keep up with mom who brings them down to visit me by the gate :)

Here's a vid of the 3 new kids from the other day. We have 4 others..had 6 others but lost two. I'll have to tell their stories another time..very sad and very sweet goats.

We have also been helping to raise an orphaned male goat named Mana...the vet kept him in a kennel at her house for the first month..bottle feedings needed through the night. Then once that was done she brought him up here and we kept him in the bigger cage dog kennel at night w/ his blankie in the little dog house attached..he would sleep in that to stay warm since he has no momma to cuddle up to at night. I had to feed him 3 times a day..morning time I had to wake up for 6:30 a.m. feedings..did that a little while then learned to jam my earplugs down farther so I could ignore his cries until about 7:30ish. Now it's warmer so he we leave the kennel door open for his choice of sleeping in there or not. He doesn't yell for me every morning now..yay! and I mean YELL..this goat has a crazy loud voice that sounds like he's saying "HAAAYYY!! HAAYYY!" not the cute little "BAAAA" like the others lol!

Here is Mana having a snack of wild olive bush and hibiscus leaves before bed. He will eventually replace the billy goat fathering all the babies right now so that some new blood can be brought into the herd.

In other news...the human kid is doing much better. He'd been sick for about a year and a half..many of you were following my updates during that time. He's much better but it really put him through the ringer emotionally. He still gets bouts of what he had before off and on..and of course I say if he didn't eat like a teenager he'd have less of them..but he's a teenager and not much I can do about that! He's happy to be out and about again though and having fun w/ his friends :)(my Cameron is the guy in the hat hiding his face w/ his hands..)

And last but not least..our orphaned chicks we raised got a new home..a totally 'green' home...all parts were found and/or donated used parts. Hubby has never built anything before..he's more a car guy then a builder...but I think he did pretty good! It's gonna get some more trim and a coat of paint. He's put in some other fun windows since..I'll take another pic when it's all done.

And yes I have been making jewelry..not as often as in the past since I'm enjoying such wonderful new things w/ the animals..but I still love making jewelry and selling it online. I'll be posting new pieces soon...


Kathy said...

What an awesome post! The pictures are wonderful and how great to hear that your son is doing better. That is so awesome! Love the last picture.

Lyndsey said...

Awww...what cute pics, I can see why they take up so much of your time. I am so glad that you posted! I missed you! It is nice to hear that Cameron is doing so well! Will be looking forward to more pictures, but I don't think I can handle sad animal stories!
Take care!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

The sad animal stories have happy in them too..I wish things would have turned out different but this is how it is being involved in nature so closely..it's very worth having to deal with the sad.

Stefani said...

Love the little goats! I'm so happy to hear Cameron is doing better - great news!

ChezChani said...

What a wonderful experience for you! Thanks for sharing...

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Your post made me smile, such adorable little creatures!
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