Monday, November 01, 2010

Long overdue thank you's

I was both over-joyed and mortiphied this morning as I realized my FaceBook page for my jewelry shop was auto-hiding all the wonderful comments people were leaving there. So it appeared that I was ignoring everyone and not saying thank you! Why was I over joyed though you ask? Because what a nice thing to wake up comments like these:

I'm almost thankful that the jewelry designer whose work I loved on Oahu vanished into thin air because that's when I discovered Jonara Blu! I will be in touch with you soon with a new order!

Marlene Schulz

Love, love, love my new pieces.... and thanks for the Jonara Blu bucks! You'll be hearing from me again sooooooooon, Jamee!

Marlene Schulz

I'm not just a fan, I'm an adoring fan! Jamee made the most perfect and beautiful jewerly for me so I could wear on my beach wedding. I just cant stop raving on what a superb job she did. It is truly gorgeous jewelry. Thanks again Jamee!

Omayra Miranda

Jamee, I love your jewellry as it's absolutely beautifull and I can feel the Island feel to all of it just by looking at the photo's.

Lisa Smith-Rutherford

Jamee, your jewellery is so beautiful, I love how your photograph it!

Pamela Davies

You have such beautiful jewelry! Classic and timeless... :) I definitely know where I'll go when I'm in the market.

Jessica Seng Jensen

Hi from your newest fan - greetings from Melbourne :D!

Val Zdero

I can totally feel the LUV! A very belated thank you to everyone!

If you'd like to link to my facebook page here I am --->Jonara Blu Maui's FaceBook page

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