Monday, May 23, 2005

I got tagged...

So I got tagged by Pink Plumeria ages ago..I'm so sorry I flaked! I didn't mean to..just no time lately :
So I guess this tagging is a blog's the deal: I have to pick 5 or more of the following occupations and post my answers here. Then, I tag 3 other people to post their answers on their blog. Here are the questions:

If I could be a scientist...If I could be a farmer...If I could be a musician...If I could be a doctor...If I could be a painter...If I could be a gardener...If I could be a missionary...If I could be a chef...If I could be an architect...If I could be a linguist...If I could be a psychologist...If I could be a librarian...If I could be an athlete...If I could be a lawyer...If I could be an inn-keeper...If I could be a professor...If I could be a writer...If I could be a llama-rider...If I could be a bonnie pirate...If I could be an astronaut...If I could be a world famous blogger...If I could be a justice on any one court in the world...If I could be married to any current famous political figure...

And here are my answers...I warn you I'm not quick whitted like most bloggers:

If I could be a painter: I would be really happy to create lots of beautiful colorful things and I wouldn't have to worry about coloring in the lines or with the 'proper' color..just like doing art as a kid again..and it would be considered really cool art cuz hey I'm a "painter" ;-)

If I could be a chef: I would get to eat all those gourmet flavors I crave but rarely get to eat and I'd probably gain 20 more pounds! I would also get to spend more time with my husband because sometimes we do enjoy cooking together.

If I could be a psychologist: I would be an art therapist for children. I learned about this profession in art class when I was 16 and have always wanted to be one :)

If I could be a writer: I'd have more words to express myself then just "that would be really cool"

If I could be an astronaut: Then maybe I could join John Luc Picard on the Enterprise..or SG1 and go through the stargate! (I'm a sci fi lover)

Thank you (I think) Pink Plumeria for the tag! I have to think about who I"m already tagged ktbug..darn! lol! I'll announce it after I take my son and his friend swimming.

**added later**
Okay..I've tagged Stefani, Josh, and Chris

Have fun guys..I'll look for your tag posts :)

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Josh said...

Ok, I did it..and I bet you thought I wouldnt :)