Friday, September 09, 2005

Guess I'm not normal...hope that's a good thing

You Are 35% Normal

(Occasionally Normal)

You sure do march to your own beat...

But you're so weird, people wonder if it's a beat at all

You think on a totally different wavelength

And it's often a chore to get people to understand you

LOL! I kinda figured that was the case..actually I"m happy to be 35% normal at least! I never do feel that people 'get' me :\

Anyways..lots going on lately. I was finally caught up pretty good with the jewelry goal is to have 7 new pieces a week...made, photographed, priced and uploaded to the site. It's not too hard if I can do a couple of pieces some of the days and just one the other days. But I always fall behind.

Now I've got other things I must concentrate's my little sisters 10th anniversary tomorrow! Happy Anniversary Sis! I can't beleive she's been married for that makes me feel old! So my mom's got this big major pasta dinner planned with all sorts of sauces. I"m to make the alfredo's been a while..hope I don't screw it up :\

After tomorrow is over, it's time to concentrate on preparing for my company that will be here on the 18th. I'm super of my bestest friends, Lisa, is coming to see me with 3 more of my real close freinds. I have not seen Lisa since my son was 4 months old. Well we saw each other once when my son was 2, but only for a couple of hours. Can you beleive we both took a trip to our old home town at the same time..but didn't know eachother was there? She had been there a week and so had I..but I found out the night before she had to we spent just a couple of hours visiting. Thats what we got for not keeping in touch good enough. So now this is going to be the best visit ever....and I'm going to pretend I'm a tourist on vacation :) Even though I live here..I don't get the time to really enjoy Maui. I admit I've grown bored with it it will be fun to see it through my freinds will be her first time as well as one of the other girls coming too.

Then in October I will most likely be flying out to the son will go with well as my mom and my sister. We are going to go see my grandmother...she is getting up there and it's hard for her to travel now. I HATE flying and I"m already having anxiety about it. But my grandma did it almost every year to see us and she hates flying I keep telling myself that I can do this. But I so wish there were a road..I don't care if it took a week to get there...I just hate flying :(

Well it's a big day tomorrow so I better get some rest. Especially since I've been up since 5:25 a.m. Got one of those telemarketer calls from the mainland..I hate it when they forget to check time differences! I had a hard time falling back asleep this time... the husband was snoring..and the cat was using me as a spring board...I plan on doing some serious snoring myself tonight! :)


Aubz said...

Not being normal is absolutely normal, lol, if you know what I mean..I'm kind of weird too and I like it that way, it actually sets you apart from those who prefer to go with the flow. Anyway it seems like you have tons of activity set up for the week or something..have fun^_^..I included your link on my blog cause your jewelries are just awesome. You're so creative and talented with how you work with pearls and beads and all those other stuffs and your designs are so unique. Ok I can just go on and on right here about how cool your work is, lol. But anyway I really admire your creativity. Oh, and I noticed that you added me on your links too, that's real cool. Thank you so so much!!

KTBUG said...

What is "normal"? Alright, I'm going to go take the test right now. It's funny that you say that most peope don't 'get' you. I feel the same way about myself. Maybe that's why we understand each other.

Oh yeah...I remembered why I've been putting of the earrings. The darn paypal acct. I'm so dumb. I can pass 3 board exams but I can't set up a paypal acct.