Friday, September 16, 2005

Countdown to Fun!!

Only 2 more days and my freinds will be here! I'm so excited!!! I"ve got 4 of my bestest freinds: Lisa, Felicia, Melanie and Michele coming to see me. Lisa was my roommate right out of highschool. I have not seen her or Melanie since my son was 4 months old..and now he's 14! Michele and Felicia are sisters..and they are also Lisa's cousins. I was close to them as well...they have have gotten to come out here a few times over the years..michele was just here in January. They have a 'girl's get together' every year..but I am so afraid to fly and to leave my son that I never go. So now they are all coming to me!! It gets pretty lonely being trapped on this I"m so stoked they are coming here!

Now..should I tell them there are TWO hurricanes out there in the pacific and one is scheduled to hit while they are here? One of them, Michelle, has been obsessing about the weather..she told me she didn't want to look online about it anymore cuz it was driving her nuts. So maybe I shouldn't! We haven't had one actually hit since Huricane Iniki..that hit 5 days after I moved here..boy was I freaked! Hopefully these will die out as well. I guess one was only a tropical storm...I think that was called Jova...but it was soon to be a hurricane..and then Kenneth was just a catagory 1 hurricane with sustained 75 mph winds. Not too bad..but one make for good waves..2 of my freinds coming have reserved thier spot for 2 surfing lessons on the south side. eh..maybe I better tell them about the hurricanes!

Needless to say I've been cleaning like a mad woman and not making any jewelry. I strung up a few anklets but have yet to photograph them. I've basically given my house a major spring cleaning..trying to de-cat-hair it because one of the girls is allergic to cats. I have two cats..and one of them sheds so bad.

Now I've just got to finish getting our 80's music together..we plan on doing a lot of reminiscing and that includes a lot of dancing :)


Kathy K said...


Have fun and cherish every moment. Next time that I come to Maui, I will look you up too. Mark and I are planning to come to Maui every couple of years.

Love Kathy

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