Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Girls Get-away Maui 2005

I finally have a few moments to blog a bit and post some of the pics I've promised about my 'vacation' to Maui lol! Even though I live here, taking a week+ off and pretending to be a tourist was really cool! I'm sure it was the company I was with though..they made it all so fun..and seeing them appreciate for thier first time the beauty that surrounds me everyday was fun as well.

My pics didn't turn out so well because the battery on my digital camera died..so unless it's plugged into a wall I can't take pics. So I had to buy a bunch of disposables..but it was cool cuz I didn't have to worry about loosing it...and of course all the girls had thier cameras..so I will have more pics coming in soon hopefully. Melanie sent me her pics already on a disk..she took some nice ones. I've still got to burn my pics for the girls...started to once but my computer freaked and had to get on with stuff I was behind on from having all that fun. First I had to finish up with this wedding order:

Latest custom wedding order...white coin, pink rose petal keshi and pink potato pearls with opal Swarovski crystal accents hand knotted on brown silk cord...matching earrings are on sterling silver wire.

and then had to finish my wholesale order for the Natural Hawaiian in Waikiki...just finished that last night but am waiting on some gold filled lobster clasps so I can finish two of the bracelets..hopefully they get here soon!

Back to the vacation pics...I"ll just start with what I have from the 1st day of their stay:

This is Felicia and Lisa on the airplane to Maui. Felicia has been here before but it was still a good 7 years since I'd seen her. Lisa and Felicia are cousins...Lisa was my roommate right out of highschool. We all lived in Redding California together and had so much fun. Lisa moved away to Missouri with Melanie when my son was 4 months old (he is now 14) Felicia moved to Washington I believe not too long after.  Posted by Picasa

Michele and Melanie on the plane ride to Maui. Michelle is Felicia's sister. She has been to Maui a few times before...this was Mel's first time. These girls also lived in Redding years ago. Michele is in Washington now too just like her sister.

I hate to fly..but I'm sure I missed out on a fun trip..They even brought thier own party plates and umbrella straws for thier airplane food!

Lisa and I at the Kahului Airport! First time we'd seen each other in forever! It was so cool! Hopefully someone elses pics came out better..I look like I'm bald!

Kaewakapu beach...only cloudy day we had. There were 3 storms hanging out..I beleive two were hurricanes...Jova, Lidia and Kenneth. This was Sunday...we thought that Monday would be our only day of good weather...but the hurricanes never came and kept the weather awesome for us..no wind and perfect snorkling the whole week.

Thats all for today..I have to burn thier picture cd's and get some packages ready :)

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