Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Now for some more Maui pics....On Tuesday we all stayed at the Westin and went to a Luau that evening at the Hyatt. We had gotten a slumber party package special online that allowed 5 of us to stay in one room..otherwise everytime we called any hotel at all..they all told us we had to have 2 rooms for 5 adults to stay. But for some reason the slumber party package showed up as an online special and it wasnt' talking about kiddies...they provided snacks, a free movie and a bottle of wine.

When we first arrived at the Westin Maui hotel in Kaanapali. Felicia and Michele (lime green and orange shirt) were happy to be there but grinning in pain as they had just had their first surfing lesson that morning

we got a free upgrade on our room...they gave us the $1,700 a night sweet! And wouldn't you know..we didn't take any pics of the inside of the room! DOH! This was the ocean view out only one of our FIVE balconies!

You can see how big our sweet was..this is only one side with 3 of the 5 balconies..the other two wrapped around the corner. Posted by Picasa

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