Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Success! On Jonara Blu Maui's second corporate order!

I finally got word back that my latest corporate order was a success! The person in charge of organizing this with my company had two, back to back, corporate events so I had to wait to hear from her until she got back from the second one. I knew all must have been okay with the last batch of bracelets reaching their destination since there were no complaints...but to get the final word back that all the women loved the bracelets I designed for them and that all went smoothly is a very big relief. There is always a worry that something will get lost or broken in shipping or who knows. Especially since these were shipped from Maui to their offices on the mainland and then again out to the Bahamas. The order was so big and done over a period of time that I did it in 3 different shipments..shipping each batch out as that set of bracelets was finished.

Oh and I learned that shipping packages that large and expensive...it was cheaper to send it Registered mail AND it was watched much better in the shipping process. I can't remember exactly..but it seemed to save us about 20 bucks in shipping.

So since this was a success the company is looking to use Jonara Blu Maui again in 2008...I hope it works out!

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