Monday, July 16, 2007

Jamaican Lilikoi

At least that is what I was told these were....I don't know if they use the word lilikoi in Jamaica since it's Hawaiian..perhaps they call them Jamaican passion fruit because that is what lilikoi is. I LOVE's a bit strong and tart with a certian special kinda flavor all it's own. My husband hates them..he thinks they smell like cat pee :\ However this new kind I got to try does not smell strong and while it still has an essence of lilikoi's not's all sweet like someone dumped sugar on it. Very YUM!

Kinda cool..I've lived here in Hawaii for 15 years and while I've tried some fuits that are totally new to me here over the years..I thought I'd tried all that was available here. Dragon fruit was the last new one I tried a couple of years ago...a very colorful fruit..almost seems fake..but it has nothing in flavor over these jamaican lilikoi.

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Christina said...

I've never had passion fruit before. Do you eat the inside, seeds and all?