Monday, July 16, 2007

pics from June

These pics are from June...Paul and Cameron entered an RC car race a few weeks was a long hot and very LOUD day with all the cars racing..but kinda fun nonetheless. I had fun taking pics of the cars crashing ;-)

Is it a boy car or a girl car?

I took this one of our friend Brice using the jump in our backyard..turned out pretty cool!

more pics from the day.....

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merel huijben said...

hi jmee! thanx for your posts! And yes, everybody was happy to see me! I still have to get used to everything, the weather, people, TIME! And I miss everybody back in the states, same when I was there with the people from back home. Guess it will always be that way, now I can understand how Tina must feel all the time!

you've got some pretty pictures on your blog. I hope I can visit you sometime, with my mom and dad and matthijs. That'd be cool!

love merel