Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hanalei Moon - a very special song


I wanted to share this video clip I took at the baby shower for my new nephew Hanalei...his mommy Charme' is singing and his grandma Val is dancing. Back up band includes his uncle Wayne and some friends that play in a local band here.

This song is really special to Charme as she remembers from a very young age her momma dancing hula to it. Now it's the name of her new born son..my little nephew :)


ChezChani said...

That is so cool!!

Belle Adorn said...

It's sweet and soft like a real lullaby.

I'm curious now what Hanalei means and whether or not it's a word that is also used for girl names.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! That is so special1

Marjorie said...

It's beautiful. A wonderful keepsake for your family.

Zen Ventures said...

Hey Sweetie! Just dropping in to greet u and your lovely family a Merry Merry Christmas!