Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny Coffee Stories...

I needed some lighthearted fun this morning..so decided to get in on a silly little discussion over at Mama C's blog The 5 C Family she's got some funny stories about drinking coffee and has encouraged others to post theirs.

here is mine:

When I was in 5th grade I used to go to my friends house..her parents were never home. We would get dressed up in her moms full skirts that we would pull up under our arms and wear them like dresses and play 'coffee house'. We made pot after pot of coffee ..loaded it up with tons of milk and sugar and all the neighbor kids would come over and buy a cup for 5 cents..we would serve it in paper cups from the kitchen window in front of the sink. Her brothers went out and got customers by telling neighborhood kids..then word got around and we had a pretty good line going at times. When the supplies started running out her parents found out and put a stop to it!

For more fun coffee stories go check out Mama C's post: Coffee Talk and feel free to add your own there and here if you like :)


MammaDawg said...

Cute! Looks like your entrepreneur abilities started young :)

If I had a coffee story, I'd share... do donuts count?

My 8 y/o took it upon himself to buy a box of donuts, and sell them for a quarter apiece during our last garage sale. He shoulda bought 2 boxes - he sold out - lol!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Very smart idea from your kiddo! food sells so good at g-sales. People need fuel to keep going! We usually make cookies...2 in a bag..a buck each. They sell out every time!

Mama C said...

That story was awesome! That's my kind of fun. So I see you learned your coffee making skills and business skills very young.

Well this was fun! Thanks for jumping on board with the coffee stories. I look forward to checking back for more!

mmm, donuts sound good right now.

Kathy said...

Wow, I use to sell cookies and Kool Aide at our corner in a little cardboard store, but I never thought about a coffee shop at that age!! HAHA! Great story!