Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morning Visitors - Ring Necked Pheasants

The last time we spoke to our new landlord...right before he took his red eye flight off to the mainland for a new life of traveling in his 5th wheel... he warned us very sternly "..and do not shoot the pheasants!"

Well I have to admit I have not completely honored my promise...I sure hope shooting with my camera doesn't count! We've had them visit much closer then these pictures..but they probably would have flown away had I opened the sliding door to 'shoot' them. So here are some shots from this morning..a male was taking in some morning sun as he sat on one of the fence posts across the street. I took these from my deck.

The Ring necked pheasant was introduced to the Hawaiian islands in the 19th century for sport. What makes me sad is that I've talked to some that say they don't do it for the meat but for the pelt(?). I see so many that have the taxidermist do whatever it is they do to it so that they can set up somewhere for show. It really is an amazingly beautiful bird and to see those feathers close up is a neat experience. But I am completely happy observing them from a distance... alive and walking around... and will continue to shoot them but only with my Canon Rebel ;-)


Stephanie said...

Oh no! You broke the rules and posted the evidence on the internet! hehe...

Yes, they're definitely beautiful birds! I'm glad you included the note about when they were introduced, because I wouldn't have expected to see pheasants in Hawaii, but that explains it.

Lou's addictions said...

These are gorgeous birds, you are so lucky to experience them so close up. We only get to see pheasants and grouse if we are travelling early enough in the morning to the edge of the highlands.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

We had another this morning right on our front lawn. One of these days I'm gonna 'shoot' em close up!

Glad you guys enjoyed this :)