Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Showing some love..

Here are a few pieces I've made for family members and friends recently..

This cool triple pendant boho necklace went to my sister...it has a colorful array of many different stones..mostly jaspers..the front middle pendant is Peruvian opal

These earrings are still waiting for their new home with my sister to match her necklace above...

This Boho Beachy necklace also went to my sister to hopefully match some earrings she bought from another friend jewelry designer that has beach glass in them.This has glass pearls and fire polish glass faceted beads with a pendant of hami jasper and synthetic chalcedony briolette.

This peacock pearl and Paua abalone shell crocheted necklace just went to a friend visiting from the mainland who used to live here. She also got one hot off the press..no pics because I literally just finished making it..it was turquoise blue crystal and a Hill Tribe silver little Honu charm for a pendant...super sparkly and cute!

There were a couple of necklaces and a bracelet that went out to a friend and my sis in law that I didn't get pictures of..kinda bummed about that..it's always nice to at least have a pic for memories sake..I tend to get attached to any piece I'm working on ;-)

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