Saturday, December 31, 2005

Latest jewelry from new pendants found at bead show

Our bead shows here on Maui are tiny..nothing in comparison to those on Oahu..or especially the mainland. But I am very happy we have the little one that does come out here. They've added two new vendors at my request! I'm so jazzed that they come now because it was hard for me to connect with this supplier to get what I needed otherwise...the language difference makes it quite difficult over the phone and he has no catalogue.

So here are a couple of new necklaces with some shell pendants I purchased from him. The gold lip plumeria is gorgeous..I've only had this in white mother of pearl. I bought another one in black lip shell but have yet to use it. And this was a new shape in the abalone shell for me..I like it much better then the straight round donuts..this one has a bit of retro appeal to the shape.

Cool retro donut abalone with top drilled green and purple pearls on silk. Available here


Stefani said...

All of your work is just beautiful, Jamee! I enjoyed all the pictures - lots of fun times it looks like.

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)