Saturday, December 31, 2005

More Maui vacation time with my posse pics :)

Having our coffee on the Trilogy boat ..waiting to sail off to Molokini and then to turtle town to see some turtles. We saw a few turtles that day..some pretty close..but mostly the water was murkey. Supposedly there were some nurse sharks out there..the little surfer dude that helps on the crew and sits out on his surfboard making sure all the snorklers are doing okay saw them and was telling us to follow if we wanted to see. But when we saw him ask another person.."those were nurse sharks right?" my freind and I decided maybe we better not go see! Just after we got out of the water and on the boat for the lunch call..a huge pod of dolphins showed up right where we were swimming! My camera's film was out..only one of us had a camera..I still haven't received those pics..I hope they turned out. Posted by Picasa

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