Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New Wood Jewelry

Wood jewelry has been a hot trend this year...I found it very fun to work with and the results quite pleasing. While I do like some tribal styled jewelry..depending on what mood I'm in..thats not the direction I wanted to go with my jewelry line and wood kind of reminded me of that style of jewelry so I wasn't sure if I'd like working with it or not. The tiger ebony wood is just beautiful and suprisingly provides a very classy look...it also feels wonderful on. Last year my husband was making koa wood knives..the curly koa wood was amazing. He offered to make me some beads out of his scraps and I just laughed at him. Now I wish I had taken him up on it because those beads would have been gorgeous!

Here are some of my latest offerings using wood components:

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Chris said...

I love that! It is beautiful. :)