Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am here...I promise!

Man..time sure did get away from me! Last post was December 2006...and I see that I already listed all the family stuff that kept me from blogging. Thankfully I had a huge corporate gifts order to keep me busy from thinking about my mom and dad moving away. I had to make 225 bracelets for Volvo Trucks. That was one crazy deal to put together..but I seriously enjoyed every second of it. I've done a corporate order before...but not quite as large.

Heres some work in progress:

I'm telling was perfect timing. I've always said beading was theraputic...and this proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt for me. This large order kept me busy for about 3 months with not much time to create other then a few special orders I accepted. With it being right in the middle of busy shopping season, Jonara Blu Maui got stripped Clean! We went from 6 pages of inventory to about 2. So now I'm busy trying to stock the shop again and having fun creating new things with all the news beads I've purchased. what else has happened? My mom came out in February...that was fun! Heres some pics:

We went on a sunset cruise whale watching was my mom, my sister, my aunt and myself. Here you see me, my aunt Jackie, and my mom Judy. Mom has chocolate on her lip cuz we were eating chocolate cookies. It's okay to have chocolate on your lips, teeth,'s chocolate! Enjoy!

It was a fun trip...but not the greatest close encounters with the whales like we've had in the past. Still who doesn't LOVE a boat's so invigorating :)

This is as we are leaving Maalea Harbor..facing Haleakala ...thats the volcano I live up on. Oh and these are all snapshots my sister took...her camera is much better then I just let her do all the picture taking ;-)

and now for some eye candy... Black and White is in for spring..I've been having a lot of fun working with it.

Okay...thats enough catch up for today..I'm sleepy...night!

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Kimberly said...

pretty pictures...glad you had fun with your mom.