Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Peacock Invasion!

We had visitors the other day! I knew there were peacocks roaming the other side of our little upcountry suburb..and I've been hearing them more lately. I walked past the dinning room and there they were out my sliding window! So I ran and got my camera and went around the back side. You'll have to excuse the yard..it really needs to be mowed. But the birdies are so pretty!

I saw a woman at this last craft fair I was in that was wearing a necklce with a peacock feather pendant..and she had taken little sections of it and beaded and glued little peacock colored sead beads on it. It was so striking!

Speaking of peacocks...here's one of my latest creations...a black silk cord necklace with black peacock petal keshi and semi round pearls and peacock coin pearls with a black lip shell mother of pearl hibiscuss carved pendant. I still haven't put it up on the website yet...still working on that..price for this one is $69

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

ah, peacocks!
Don't they make the craziest noise?
I remember hearing them once on a backroad around here....I had never heard one before.