Sunday, May 06, 2007

Learning my new camera

so I got a new camera...a Canon Rebel also says EOS on the camera..not sure what that all means. My sister the photography buff at Aihara Visuals said it was a good deal...a special on amazon because they were coming out with the new one. This is an 8 old one being a 5 and just a point and shoot. This one is also an SLR..which I'm told is what professionals use. I'm not a professional I've been getting a bit frustrated with it..but I'm learning little by little. I must say though, I do enjoy the little sound it makes when taking the pic lol!

I have some lenses of my sisters that she doesn't use anymore, one is a macro one and one is telephoto with macro on it. I thought I put the macro on and couldn't for the life of me figure out why everything was blurry through the lense when I was trying to take up close pics. I stood up from these flowers I was testing it on, called my sis to get some help and then tried to take a test snap pic of them from across the yard and walla...they came out so clear. Duhhh I had on the telephoto lense and not the macro on.

pretty cool! so I took another from far away of some roses in my yard:

and then later on I put on the actual macro lense and went outside to take jewerly pics..but this bumble bee came along so I took pics of it..I was afraid to get too close..I guess the telephoto lense would have been better for this one.

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Kimberly said...

It's fun to practice, huh?

So, what happened to a post a day? ;0) lol.