Friday, July 18, 2008

Colorful Anklet and Plumeria Flower

I forgot all about this picture. I had taken a picture of this Tropical Garden Anklet already, but the picture came out a little dark. Tonight a customer was inquiring about it so I remembered this picture and sent it to her so she could get a brighter view of the beads. It came out much lighter..but what was cool about this is that the plumeria flower blew over in the wind (like they so often do when I'm trying to take pictures) and this one had some colorful stripes on the underside that aren't usually there on the flowers from this tree. I thought it was pretty so I took the picture just like it fell.

This beaded anklet is available in my shop Jonara Blu Maui


Sarah said...

How fun! I love the summery colors on this!

ChezChani said...

As always, wonderful. I've never made anklets, are they very popular? Would one ever wear a peyote stitched anklet?

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Thanks Sarah and chezchani! And yes..anklets are very popular here..of course I live in land of year around summer. But I sell all of mine to customers from the mainland. More in the summer months of course.

I would imagine a peyote stitched anklet would be wonderful!