Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Beaded Ankle Bracelet

It's summer and it's hot! Your colorful socks have been put away until winter and now its time to show off those cute summer ankles with a beaded anklet...and where better to get that beaded anklet then to get one that wasmade on Maui!

Brown glass seed beads, with turquoise and copper accents. Findings are gold filled. Size is adjustable from 9 1/2" to just under 10 3/4".
Available here


Kimberly said...

cute. I'm loving the anklets your posting..

too bad I don't have an's a cankle....because these are darling.

Sarah said...

Oh, I love the turquoise! Very pretty!

Mama C said...

Oh, that anklet is exactly the kind of thing I love. It's great to click over to your site and see something new and beautiful every day!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and sharing your Death Valley memories. It has such a depressing name, but it really is a gorgeous place.

I had several of my Twitter friends wiped out today, too. I am pretty sure you are back on my page now, am I on yours? Yikes, what a mess!

Zen Ventures said...

I love your jewelry designs. I'm just drooling looking at them!:) I hope to be as "accomplished" like you in the jewelry-making field.I feel bad that twitter "died". I lost all "connections". Is it alright if I link with you instead? Thanks!!!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Kimberly: silly girl..but I understand I too am not comfortable with my ankle size. I see them on others with larger ankles though and I just think 'wow..what a cute anklet!" we are all our own worst critic.

Sarah: Thanks!

Mama C: I am so glad you are enjoying my show and tell :) And yes we are back on track with Twitter lol!

Zen Ventures: Thanks you! You make beautiful jewelry yourself! And you will learn a lot on the group you joined!

Belle Adorn said...

This is super cute. I love the turquoise with the brown and silver too. Cute cute!

You have been doing so well getting a lot of turquoise pieces made. I feel so behind, lol.....