Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Forgotten Bead Stash!

This is what happens when I need some room on my desk and don't have time to figure out where to put stuff. Open a drawer and shove it in. I forget all about what I did and then 6 months down the road I open the drawer and find BEADS! What a cool suprise...its like I got new beads all over again! :)


ChezChani said...

That's what my whole craft room looks like!
Thanks for the kind comments on my blog and for answering all my questions. You certainly seem to have a thriving business and deservedly so, keep up the beautiful work.

Christina said...

I love when that happens!

ChezChani said...

BTW It was The Proclaimers version of Trailers For Sale or Rent but I love all versions of that song.

Zen Ventures said...

Wow! that's a whole lot! Like a pirate's booty! No cursed bead there, is there? :) - hey, I hope you're family is doing OK in Cali. My mom experienced the 5.6 brunt of it but she's OK.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

chezchani: Thanks! and yeah..mine gets looking like that drawer as well! It's hard to keep it under control. I don't know the Proclaimers version..I dont think. Will check it out

Christina: It's the best little suprise..like finding that 20 dollar bill in a hidden pocket in your purse lol!

Zen Ventures: haha! It is like a pirates booty! and definitely no cursed beads in this house..thats not allowed ;-) Still waiting to find out about family in earthquake..glad to hear yours is doing well.

Mama C said...

That looks like some good stuff you found in that stash! Thanks for visiting my blog again, and I'm very excited to be one of your blog buddies! As soon as I figure out why my blog template is all funky I'm putting you on my blog buddies!

I am in the process of cleaning out my craft room which is now the baby's room. I'm in way over my head! I'm finding that I need more space to store the stuff I need to get rid of so that I'll have more space. (Does that even make sense?) Anyhow, I haven't found any hidden stashes yet, but I hope to find something interesting!

Sarah said...

Can I come over and play? :) I love finding surprises like that!! Have fun!

Tropical Screamer said...

I've had my bead stash packed away while I was lace knitting and quilting. Now that I'm redoing my "Quiet Room" I'm finding all kinds of stuff.

I was all set to sell my bead stash, but I'm starting to remember why I have a bead stash in the first place. I like to even sit and -look- at beads let alone work with them. Sigh.

Hope you're having a great day.


Munchkins and Music said...

Yeah, that is the best when you find things you lost. I like it when I find cash in my pants I didn't know was there, even if it is only one dollar. It's always exciting every time!