Monday, September 22, 2008

Fishy earrings to match

Here are the earrings I had planned to make to match the fish bracelet I just posted the other day. I uploaded it to my shop yesterday and it was sold this I quickly finished making up the earrings and snapped some photos of them so I could offer them to my customer. The pictures are a little washed out because I don't usually take them in such bright sunlight..but I didn't have a choice. Photoshop helped bring back the color in a bit..

If she doesn't want these..then they will be placed in my shop at Jonara Blu Maui

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Tina Taber said...

I was really looking forward to seeing these. I wonder why feedblitz didn't send me an email!

Anyway, they came out really fun. Love the blues with silver. Blue is coming back strong in fashion, if it ever left.