Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thanks for the posts!

Wow..thank you so much for all the posts and emails I've been getting. I've also joined a yahoo group for Gastroparesis and the support and advice sent to me in emails has been wonderful! I just love the internet!

I'm slowly but surely getting my brain back and making room in the day for my jewelry and internet activities. (I need it for my sanity!) It was important to get a routine of what to feed this poor kid of mine. A lot of it is trail and error, so we are still working on it. But we are finding some things that are working and so I'm getting a little more time to myself rather then spending it all constantly researching.

I'm also having to cook a little more which is probably good for me. Cameron has to eat things that are super easy to digest...blended is best. He needs calories to gain weight so it's an issue of what we get down him plus how much. He can't eat a lot at once because it just sits in his tummy, so he has to eat more often.

Last night we made sweet potato and leek soup. Blended the leek so he could have that. While I love sweet potatos, the soup never sounded good to me. My son was not crazy about the idea..but we don't have a lot of choices. It turned out awesome! I just didn't put in the allspice and the lemon. That seemed wierd for soup. And I had added in the leek from another sweet pot soup recipe that was microwaved. (I didn't want to micro it, he needs his food healthy and not all the nutrition zapped out of it) I added a tablespoon of butter for calories for him and it made it taste even better. It was really quick to make. Here is what I did:

3 sweet potato cut up (they were kinda small and skinny)
1 leek
minced onions
1/2 cube of vegie bullion
1/2 cup homeade chicken broth (make chicken broth for use later and keep in freezer. Chizzled off some to put in soup)
3/4 to 1 cup of original flavored almond milk (can use real milk, but it hurts my sons tummy)
tbsp butter

boiled this in a large heavy saucepan. didn't measure my water, but made enough to be like a small pot of soup. It covered the potatos well. boil till soft. peel skins off potatos. Cool slightly, put in blender and blend till smooth. Put back in pan, add milk, butter and spices to taste. simmer 1/2 hour.

Then we made homeade chocolate pudding. I didn't realize that has eggs in it. So that was more protien for him. Esp since he can't seem to eat just eggs like for breakfast. It was all a hit..he did not get sick last night.

Today we took a trip to the acupuncturist. He hated it..has a fear of needles. But he endured. Came home with a chinese med tincture for nausea and diarreah. Tastes discusting but he doesn't mind thats good! We also go for a short walk after each meal to help move it down. He's started having 'Gerd' issues which have been scary for him not understanding whats going on with his body. but thanks to the support of the group we joined, both of us are understanding his symptoms better and can i can help calm his anxiety down.

I'm looking forward to seeing whats new with I will probably be pestering your blogs soon ;-P~~~


Marjorie said...

Wow, Jamee, it sounds like you've made quite a bit of progress! So wonderful that you've found a helpful support group. And the soup sounds delicious! It's so nice to have you back with us. Take care.

Christina said...

It does sound like you've made a lot of progress. The Internet is really amazing. That soup sounds really good. I'm going to save that recipe!

Sarah said...

Support groups are such a wonderful thing! I'm so glad that you found one! I absolutely LOVE potato leek soup! I'm glad that you are making progress :) Keep us updated!

Stefani said...

You're such a good mama! Cameron must feel better, just knowing there's an answer & hope.

You've furthered my conviction that there is absolutely a Yahoo group for everything under the sun. Glad you found them.

Have a great weekend!

Tina Taber said...

Such good news, he kept that meal down and did so well. Yay, yay, yay!

And he lived through the accupuncture. Good for him. How did he like the special massage therapy?

We are leaving town this weekend, going to the lake. I may be calling you cuz it's too cold to swim now and will not have much to do. I get a little stir crazy down there. It's beautiful and we take walks...but that's about it besides cooking.

I should pick up a book at the library to take with me.

Have a good weekend. :)

Mama C said...

I'm glad to hear that you have had some successful meals! And that soup sounds yummy. I might try that, I love soups.

ChezChani said...

There is a group for everything on the internet. How did we manage without it?
Sounds like things are looking up and will hopefully continue on that path.

Zen Ventures said...

Hey Jamee! I'm glad that you're facing this like a brave warrior mother! :) I'm glad too that you found that support group. It does help a lot when you're surrounded by people who understands exactly what you're going through and share the same experiences and learning to cope from each other. I just wish that Cameron does get well soon. He's got a lot ahead of him to enjoy :)