Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pretty little fishies swimming in the bright blue ocean...

I thought I had all these guys lined up..swimming in a circle..but one got away from me (fish are slippery you know) and flipped around. I supposed fish don't normally swim in a circle. So maybe it doesn't matter...what do you think? It doesn't bother me...I don't need everything symmetrical...I just need balance in shape and color. I do think however, that I will restring it and turn the little guy around. Go figure I didn't notice until editing the picture!

Tropical Fish Beaded Bracelet

I hope everyone is well. I do miss all the blog fun I was having...It was a blast! Update on my son...they are thinking he's got an an autoimmune situation going on in the stomache and colon. The white blood cells present are the kind that come because of parasites or food allergies and all that has turned out negative. So he's started a high dose burst of steroids..that lasts 3 days..then taper down the dose for a week..then we see the doc again. Hopefully it will calm his digestive system down so he can eat better. We are very hopeful that between that and a nutritional support program we have him on that we will get him well again :)

I've started creating a little again. It feels really good. I've 3 more bracelets sitting here that I need to make a couple of changes to and then finish off with a clasp. My shop is near empty! I usually have 5 to 6 pages of product and I've only got 3 up..but the last page is all sold. Which is good! I'm not complaining..but I really need to make jewelry and get it in there for the busy shopping season. Now if this heat would just chill out so I could actually breathe in my beading room..I might actually be able to accomplish something.

Hope you are doing well..I will be checking up on your blogs as time allows ;)


Jonara Blu Maui


Lou's addictions said...

I think the bracelet is cute like that, it kinda looks as if he is going to join in the fun with the other fishes... Im glad your getting time to create again too, (the best therapy there is)

Christina said...

I hope they can figure out once and for all what is the matter with your son and treat it. I'm glad you are getting some time to create; I'm sure that helps you feel better!

My son had an emergency appendectomy on Monday night! I can't believe the year we're having.

Tina Taber said...

This came out so nice! I would leave the little fishy just as he is. Having the one charm fish dangling off differently is really cute too.

Hope the steroids help Cameron.

Sarah said...

Love this bracelet! And I would leave it as is! It's perfect! I'm glad your getting back to creating!

ChezChani said...

If that's the direction the fishy wants to go, I don't think you should stop him. We all have to swim to our own drummer, or something like that.
Glad you are squeezing in a little creative time, you do have to take care of your own (mental) health as well. Won't help your boy to have a stressed out sick mom.

Marjorie said...

My vote is to leave the little fishy right where he is. He looks like he's meant to dangle, especially since he's right near the chain. It's a unique artistic stamp! Very nice work by the way.

You and your family have come a long way in finding just what's happening with your son and every step gets you closer to a complete cure. I wish you all the best.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Hey thanks guys! So many comments right away..I feel so happy that out of sight didn't mean out of mind :)

So you like the fishy the way he is? Some of you misunderstood and think it's the charm fish..but it's's one of the beads that is turned around and not following his friends. Silly little fish!