Saturday, April 23, 2005

Beach Wedding Pics!

Meet Jason and Terra Kelly
Married April 2005
on St. Kitts Island

Terra and her beautiful tropical boquet. I know I see antheriums in there, but can't make out what esle. Very striking though and so fun for a beach wedding!

Terra opted for a simple semi-casual wedding, she wanted the kids to be able to continue enjoy their outfits. She said the girls loved their tops and capris. My personal favorite is Terra's little brother's ensemble...khaki shorts with a long sleeved shirt and a tie..lookin' pretty sharp little brother! I think this is a perfect look for a young man of his age in a beachy wedding :) can't tell very well in this picture..but the girl's tops had these cute little roses on one shoulder made out of the same material as the shirt. It just so happened she found these to match her dress as it aslo has a rose-like flower made out of it's own material on the front.

As you can see the jewelry Terra picked out can be worn for many occasions..from a wedding dress to a THAT's versatile!

Cute shirts guys! lol!

Here is a close up on the set Terra picked out. Pink coral, pink freshwater pearls and pink lisway shells. Terra was excited to find out that when you turn the shells over, the swirl of the snail shell resembled the swirl of the fabric that created the flower on both her dress and the flower girls if you look closely at her wearing the jewelry, she opted to turn the shells around as well as be a little crafty herself and redo the earrings with some sterling posts I sent her, turning them around as well.

We also made her a matching bracelet with an extender she requested so it can be worn as an anklet if she wishes.

Mahalo for sharing these with us Terra!


KTBUG said...

Every time I see your pictures it makes me want to visit Maui even more. Someday. I have always wanted to live closer to the islands so that I could wear a lei at graduation. LOL. They are just SO pretty! I need some Hawaiian heritage so that I could wear one :) Did my wellness vibes heal the sick so that you could make it to Cats? I hope that you were able to go!

Pink Plumeria said...

Very loverly, of course! :)

Chris said...

I love the neclace and bracelet and the pictures were great! I would love to be there right now!