Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bead Show on Maui

Today hubby and I took a drive out to Kihei to the Grand Wailea..a very beautiful to stay at but way too expensive! We went to a small bead show being held in one of thier meeting rooms. I"m always so excited when I get to go to this..we don't get the large bead fairs like Oahu does, but we are privileged to have the owners of Beadalicious come out to Maui once or twice a year. They offer some nice sales on their bead strands. They own a store on Oahu and one on Kauai...soon to be only Kauai from what one of the owners, Donna, told me today. They didn't have much of what I needed this time...but it was nice to see all the sparklies in person. I got some rhodolite garnet (a pink garnet), labradorite, pearls, bright green flourite and moonstone. Really not much...I'm most excited about the labradorite it's a nice flat square faceted cut.

Life's still a bit hectic around here, trying to catch up. Haven't been able to get in my office/beadroom to concentrate on any real work. And then we actually got 4 invites from different freinds today...two for today and two for next Saturday! I feel so loved! But all I really wanna do is bead! I look forward to weekends...I can usually bead nonstop and guilt free because it's my time and I don't need to fit it in inbetween homeschooling and doing the books for our window tinting business. but lately we have had a lot of company and then sicknesses..and now everyone seems to have missed us and wants us to come over for dinners and have BBQ's at the park lol! We just got back tonight from dinner at a friends. I realize it IS good to crawl out of my cave once in a while and associate with people...but I miss my cave when I'm away so's a very pretty cave... it sparkles with gemstone beads :)

So I'm hoping to be able to get some things done tomorrow morning into early afternoon...IF I get myself to bed.. it's after midnight already! I have a feeling I"ll be snoring my precious morning hours away rather then up working like I should be!


KTBUG said...

Sounds like your still trying to get back on your feet from your illness. I know that when you start talking about "beading" your feeling better. Isn't it weird how we all have our own passions. Mine is dental hygiene. What would you consider as your true passion? Beading, art, etc?
I REALLY REALLY want a pink necklace from you. Something like the one that Plumeria bought. I loved it and was too slow in responding to purchase it. Could you let me know what my options are for purchasing one from you? Thanks
Glad your feeling better.

Pink Plumeria said...

You should have seen the comments I got from the other teachers when I wore the necklace to school. I wanted to go to the bead show but I am soooo sick right now with this nasty bug. But I have to drag my okole out of bed because it's almost the end of the semester :(