Saturday, April 23, 2005

return of the crud

So I've spent the last few days playing nurse-maid again. My son had a relapse..this time with a higher fever and a lot of throwing up :( Poor guy! I'm praying he gets better because my aunt got us tickets to see Cats for this Sunday! I can't beleive they actually came to Maui! We don't get anything thats big. she got us balcony seats right over the we should be able to see thier costumes really well! My mom is insisting that she will stay with my son if he is too sick, but she has tickets to go too and I wouldn't want to do that to her or my son. I would feel so bad to go without my son..he was looking so forward to it. So I would rather give the tickets to my sis so she and my 8 year old nephew could go. I would watch her baby for her...he's already been sick like my son..actually my son got it from her little no chance of sharing cooties.

But if we can't go I am gonna be sooo depressed! Believe me..the beach is very beautiful..but it does get old lol! It's so nice to have something new to do for once!

So everyone send 'healthy vibes' our way and I'll send you some Maui lol!


KTBUG said...

It's a deal! I need some Maui sunshine right now as much as you need the wellness vibes :) I've been stuck in my office for weeks writing my thesis! YUCK! If I have to analyze one more chart I am going to get sick myself. I'm ready to be done with the school thing. I know that I'll get the itch to go back again but right now I'M DONE WITH IT!
I hope that you can go to cats! I went to Phantom for the first time last year and LOVED IT! Best of luck. Tell your son to get feeling better soon!

Stefani said...

Sending healing vibes to your house!