Thursday, April 14, 2005

My disappearing act

Well, the crud managed to make it's way throughout our household...whatever sickness is going around doesn't usually get me so bad and it never gets my husband..but we all got it this time. It started with the kid..he got it the worst..then hubby and I got it at the same exact time. It was funny cuz we had these fevers that just really knocked us for a loop and one morning when we were actually able to get out of bed we were sitting at the dinning room table talking and our son comes in and starts laughing and saying his parents looked stoned. We felt stoned! It was the dizziest sickness I've ever had.

Last weekend was my cousins 10th anniversary party, and I had volunteered to put the dancing music together..I did it all while I was sick, so I was half afraid I'd put doubles of songs on there..but it all turned out okay and we all had a blast. I really hate to excersize and get winded so quickly when I do..but turn on some dance music and I can go for hours. Even though I still was a little weak from being sick, it felt really good to get up and move because I sit in this office chair way too much beading and working on my websites.

That was Saturday, so Monday I watched my sisters kids for her while she had some important errands to run and things pertaining to their house that are too hard to do with her little 22 month old, Koa. He is a handful and it's so hard for her to get anything done..but he is very intelligent and so funny...probably why he is such a handful! I cleaned my house on Sunday because I had company from the mainland coming Monday afternoon...good thing it was someone I grew up with and wasn't embarrassed around because my house was totally destroyed from Koa by the time they got here. They got a welcoming hug at the door and then literally had to step over the coffee table to get into my house and dodge toys. I used to be able to keep my house semi decent when my son was little (he's 13 now) but I'm really out of practice with a little one around now. And of course I spoil the little guy rotten while he's with me, so there is no letting him cry while I clean...he rules the house and my time..and then is a spoiled brat by the time my sis gets him back :\ Sorry sis! lol! It was a really fun visit though..only a couple of days since they have a condo in Lahaina they will be staying in. But they were super tired from the trip and I think Kirsten was getting we just vegged and caught up on old times. Kirsten likes to bead too, so that was an added plus for me :)

So jewelry-wise...where are we? I've got a couple of new items uploaded as of yesterday.

available here

available here

I've got a new necklace and some more bracelets sitting here ready to have thier pictures taken..but I'm super behind on everything so it's slow going. My sis and I will be doing the next Ben Franklin Craft Fair on May 1st held at the Maui War Memorial Gym. So we have got to get ourselves in gear and pump out some new pieces for that.

I just received some more pictures yesterday from another bridal customer with her okay to post them.. so I am hoping to get those up real soon.

Thats it for now...

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Stefani said...

I wondered where you went! Steve and I have both been sick too, though my son has somehow escaped it. (God bless echinacea!) My fever was 102.5 and I was loopy too - how weird does that feel?? Still can't taste anything but least I'm feeling more like myself.

Your new jewelry is beautiful - can't wait to see more and hear about the craft sale. Glad you're feeling better!