Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summertime Fun/Anklet Sale!

I get excited about the summer still..even though I do live in basically year round summer here in Hawaii. Still we do get cooler weather here on Maui in the winter, especially upcountry where I live. I love that about upcountry. It can get really cold the 40's at night sometimes..esp up higher on the mtn.

I pretty much melt in the heat..but still summertime just feels happy :) Guess it's all those years spent in school always looking forward to summer break...summer will always be attached to that even though I've been out of school for way too many years now ;-)

I love watching the kids have fun...I..being the healthfood nut that I am..even bought the kids a giant pack of horribly cheap sugary ice pops yesterday. The pack was huge and only something like 2.98 at Walmart. My husband and his buddies saw me putting it away in the freezer in the garage and the looks on their faces all reminded me of little kids..they all wanted one so bad lol! They weren't frozen I had to tell them to wait till next time...they did look quite disappointed haha!

Water fights can be seen pretty regularly over here's been the alternative to swimming at the neighborhoods pool across the street from us this summer..sadly it's gotten over used and they have to keep shutting it down for cleaning. I'm just glad they are monitoring it real well.

here's my nephew threatening to blast me ;)

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Action shot!

yeah..we uh really needed to mow...embarrassing!

drying off...always loved that feeling of the hot pavement after a swim ;-)

Now honor of the very HOT summer we are having (our trade winds keep about miserably hot!) I'm putting all anklets at Jonara Blu Maui on sale...25% off for the whole month of August. Discount will be given when I respond to your purchase order.

Why not treat yourself to something pretty to wear with those cute sandals ;-)


Hilari said...

Very pretty anklets!! And that water fight looked like big fun!

Kimberly said...

I swore I commented on this one!
It's not there though.

Fun water fight!
But you need a girl up in the mix. ;0)
Just teasing, they look like they all have fun together.

And the anklets are really pretty.

Kimberly said...

Oh, and the one of them all laying down!
It's great!