Friday, August 10, 2007

Announcing Jonara Blu Maui's new Etsy clearance shop!

Have you ever wanted a piece of our jewelry but have been just a little too short on cash? Well now is your chance! We've opened a clearance shop on Etsy for our precious little pieces that have insisted on hanging on to 'mom' for just a bit too long. They need new homes so they can go out and experience life!

These little treasures are beautiful quality handmade pieces just like those you see in our regular shop Jonara Blu Maui...just ones we would like to see finally make it out there into the big bad world and do their job of brightening up someones day. Their creators here need to move on and make room for new designs.

So bookmark Jonara Blu Maui's clearance shop and keep an eye out for new sales to be uploaded ;-)

Here are some of our newest sale offerings:

Birds of Paradise - Multi Gem Beaded Earrings
Originally: $26
Now: $15

Barely Pink Coin and Shell Pendant Cord Necklace
Originally: $68
Now: $46

Sunrise Hoops
Originally: $32
Now: $18

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Kimberly said...

I'll have to check it out.