Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Networking for Indie Designers

I found a really cool new corner of the's like MySpace...but for indie's called IndiePublic

Heres a screenshot of my page:

It seems to work a lot like MySpace but with out the meat-market atmosphere. Everyone there is to promote what they make and sell. You link with friends and post comments...ultimately advertising for yourself on each others pages.

I'm not sure how much this helps with marketing certainly can't hurt. I've gotten really lazy with marketing Jonara Blu Maui so this summer during slower season I've been trying to spend some time with it. So many new places have popped up in the last few years, it's much more fun and exciting.

I also just joined IndieDesignerLables it's more of a group of links for indie designers. Free to link if you put their link up on your site..otherwise a $25 donation. That will also get you on the front..for I think a month? I'm not sure..actually I was suprised when I saw myself up on the front. I only paid because I can't link back to them with their graphic like they want you to (Rubylane where I sell only allows text links) So I submitted the wrong size graphic not realizing it would be put on the front as well and it got shrunk to fit so it's way too small and not very readable. Still kinda cool to be up there when I didn't expect it!

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Kimberly said...

sounds fantastic!!

and helpful with getting the Jonaru Blu name out there.