Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waitin' on a hurricane....

It was Cosme about a week or two ago..now it's Flossy. Cosme like so many other hurricanes died out and became a tropical storm before it reached the islands. Flossy though, they say is supposed to remain a hurricane and not turn into a tropical storm until it passes the island chain. In fact this is the first time in years I made my way to the store to buy hurricane supplies. We got our batteries, extra water, some non perishable food...stuff like that. And I had definite plans to put my jewelry making supplies and computer in a safer area lol!

Thank goodness it keeps weakening though...it was a catagory 4 and they were calling it 'highly dangerous', then yesterday sometime it got downgraded to a 3 and now it's a 2..but still with sustained winds at 104 and higher gusts. It's slowing too..it had been moving at about 16 mph for a while there..now it's down to 9 mph.

Kona is being affected by it right now...high surf and they are supposed to get up to 10 inches of rain in some parts. Oh and poor Kona had a 5.3 earthquake last night as well! We didn't feel it this time here on Maui. At least my family didn't. We need rain badly here on Maui..so hopefully it will be enough to end our drought and 10% water restriction. I have no idea how much that will take.

If you are interested.. here is the NOAA update link:


and here is a picture of our islands and the path it's taking so far. Now..hurricane Iniki took a sudden 90 degree turn in 1992 and hit the island of Kauai..but they say that the weather systems out there and our strong trade winds are keeping it on it's path and they are nearly 100% sure that it will remain the way it's going with out turning into us...I hope!:

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