Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Logo..finally!

It's been long overdue...but I've finally updated the look of my I've just got to design new business cards and earring cards from it. Tags are easy because I just shrink it down. I'm embarrassed to say that for 4 years..I haven't had my shop logo and box tags match my business cards, jewelry tags and earring cards. So I'm pretty stoked to finally look a little more with it lol!

Everything will be designed using this:

My shop sign has already been designed and put up..and thanks to my son he figured out a way to use some more of the space allowed me by rubylane..I'm allowed 100 pixels high and 200 that put all this empty space on the side. He fashioned it in photo shop so that it looks like a frame. here is the pic of it..but check it out on my site Jonara Blu Maui because the white part is hidden with a white back ground and it looks better


Christina said...

Very nice!

Kimberly said...

looks good!