Thursday, October 16, 2008

Luv from a customer...

It was certainly nice to wake up to this nice note from a customer this morning:

Hi! I received my freshwater coin pearl necklace, earrings, and
anklet in the mail yesterday! They are absouletly gorgeous and I just had to tell you "thank you!" I can't wait to wear the pieces at my beach wedding!

If you are a jewelry artist selling online you understand the sense of relief knowing that the special jewelry pieces you created with your own two hands has arrived to it's destination safely, and then to hear how much they liked it is always an added bonus :) Thank you for this Angie from Florida :)

Here is what Angie purchased:

I just know she's going to look smashing at her Florida beach wedding!


Marjorie said...

No surprise that she was happy with her purchase - the jewelry is beautiful. And yes, it's always so nice when you hear from customers. You never feel really confident that all is well unless you hear back.

ChezChani said...

That is so nice ! I'm always apprehensive when a piece is en route. Besides wanting the customer to like it, I worry about what might happen in the mail.

Lou's addictions said...

These pieces are gorgeous and to get feedback like that must be great. I bet she looks stunning n them.

Muddy said...

You do such beautiful work, and you're such a sweet and gentle person to go along with that! Of course she's happy! But as a person who always needs validation, I can relate. Good for her for letting you know, and good for you, too!