Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Garden and Craft Favorites

These are my favorite plants in my yard..they keep having babies too. I have no idea what they are called but the person I got them from called them "Ear Plants"...I"m sure that's not the real name. I don't know why I like them so much..I suppose its the pink color on the tops and the fact that they are just so different.

I know I enjoy succulents though because they are so interesting and many of them will grow from just a stolen leaf off of a momma plant.

This one is planted in a pot that I did the mosaics on. I used to go out to this old dump area that has all been over grown and cows now roam on it and find old pottery shards and glass. There were many other colors too but for some reason there is a heck of a lot of the blue and white china and cobalt glass there. I've recently made friends with Marjorie from Marjories Cracked Plate Jewelry and it just kills me that I threw out a whole box of saved pieces. She would have had a blast with them. I really never did all I wanted with them and I had so many favorite pieces. I used to think it was strange how I would get so attached to a broken piece of potter that I found..I had a little stash of favorites. But I bet Marjorie understands lol!

And then there is this little ground cover..I have no idea what it is either..but one day when my husband and I were out walking we saw some on the ground near the wasstarting to crawl up the rock wall there we plucked off about 3 little pieces and planted them. They took off immediately and now it's just growing and growing. It's gonna grow over this little bird house my husband and son built years ago.


Firefly said...

The plants are gorgeous and so is your jewelry! I might have to buy myself a Christmas present... Thanks for dropping by my blog today. I'll mark yours and come back to visit again.

Pam said...

How are things? Cool plants! By the way I tagged you on my blog :)

Marjorie said...

Love that mosaic pot! And yes, I would have loved that dump where you found all the broken glass and pottery. I have nothing like that around here. My "dumps" are garage sales! LOL. And yes, I understand your attachment to pieces of broken pottery completely. China still retains its beauty even when broken.