Thursday, January 01, 2009

Catching up and cleaning up...

I've been neglecting my blog again..I think it's because I've been a little preoccupied with Twitter. That thing is too much fun...not to mention I end up chatting w/ my bestest friend Tina at Belle Adorn on there every day. But not just that..I actually follow the news stations updates there(something I never did the news) and enjoy all sorts of tips and recommendations.

But seriously..I need to get focused here. Today I started cleaning up my studio/office..amazing how many bead supplies pile up and how many receipts and papers. Oh and the's been a while since I dusted this room..yikes! I'm not even near done but already it feels so much more inviting to work in. And I need to get this place ship shape because spring is always a busy time for me. For one it's wedding season!

Photograph by Aihara Visuals

Wedding season is a really fun time because I've usually got lots of wedding custom jewelry orders. It's doubly busy though because there is the not so fun compiling of the tax totals for both hubby's business and mine. I never learn my lesson either and I'm always behind on the bookkeeping. Waaaay behind. I'm hoping I did a little better this year though. Honestly I was doing okay the first part of the year..but when Cameron got sick I kinda lost track of it all. Some things are just more important..and that includes your kids.

Speaking of Cameron..he's definitely made progress. He's not 100% but he's definitely more his old self. He still deals w/ nausea every day and so doesn't really like to leave the house. But many of the other symptoms have gone away. Some have returned if he eats the wrong heart burn or being short of breath. It's all a trial..trying to figure out what food intollerances are causing his discomfort. He's gained back about 7 pounds from the 20 he lost. They came back quickly and he hasn't gained anymore back in over a month..but we are just happy he's not loosing.

And we got him out for an evening! He went to the big babyshower party my sister threw our brother and sister in law. Here he is w/ some friends and his cousin. He's the one in the hat.

The babyshower was a lot of of the first for our family that I was not involved in. It was nice and relaxing..but felt strange to not be involved in the planning and whatnot. My sister Kimberlee and her sis in law Raylene did a good job though! It was a surf are some of the decorations..

Here is yours truly w/ her new little nephew Hanalei..(it was a bad frizzy hair day..wish I could have borrowed his hat!)

And of course we have been working on puzzles for family time. I've missed taking pics of the last two we did..but here is the one before that.


Christina said...

You've inspired me. We just pulled out a 500 piece puzzle to work on. It's in our dining room, so any time anyone walks by they put a few pieces together. At this rate, though, it will take a while. I think we need a puzzle night!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh cool! You will have fun. It's nice to have one there waiting for everyone to work on..piece by piece it gets done. Good way to pass the time here and there and definitely encourages family conversation better then the tv! Post a picture when you finish!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little babe!! And you look great to...and your hair doesn't look all that frizzy ;) We are thinking about starting a puzzle and hubby :)