Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Photo Tag Game/Cat in the Box

I've been tagged w/ a really fun photo tag game..go to your picture folder, find the 6th folder and the the 6th picture. I have more folders w/ in folders because I break them up into years and then months so I just kept going in 6.

Anyways..thanks so much to Elayne at ChezChani for including me on this. Please visit ChezChani's blog and her Etsy shop ChezChani Unique Handcrafted Jewelry, she is a very accomplished beader along w/ her mom Roz. I have never heard of this game before and I think it's quite fun and it's quick..not like some of the others. Kinda scary though because you don't know what picture is going to show up when you follow the instructions and I'm sorry if it was me looking all haggy w/ no makeup I was not gonna post it!

I was fortunate though because this is what I got:

This is Dewey..he loves boxes..I think even a little more then the average cat. He doesn't care where you put it, he'll stay in it. He looks scared but actually he's quite content lol!

*Update: my son just pointed out to me that the shoe box Dewey is in says "Bitter & Twisted"...this cat is definitely Twisted lol! He looks bitter..but he's not.

I did the game twice...I have two places my pictures are... a family photo folder and a jewelry folder so here is the jewelry one that came up. This is a necklace that I made for my mom a couple of years ago..she loves kitties..so I made her one w/ a front clasping cat toggle clasp and a cat charm:

now for the rules and the list of people I'm going to tag:

1) Go to your picture folder, or wherever you store your photos on your computer
2) Go to the sixth folder and pick the sixth picture
3) Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes along with the picture
4) Tag five friends to do the same thing, and leave a message on their blog that they have been tagged~

Tag You're IT!

1) BelleAdorn A best friend and a wonderful jewelry designer
2) Aihara Visuals My extremely talented sister and an awesome photographer (check out her beach wedding pictures!..she beads too!)
3) Simplicity My sister-in-law, devoted mother and very talented budding photographer
4) Images by Desiree My cousin-in-law and extremely talented photographer (check out her adorable childrens photography)
5) Zen Ventures A fun colleague talented jewelry designer and friend

Have fun you guys! Can't wait to see what pictures show up for you!


ChezChani said...

You are so quick. Nice job, any picture with a kitty is a great picture to me. One correction I must make though, Roz is my mom, not my daughter. My only children are cats.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh man..I totally got that backwards..now that I'm thinking about it..I do remember you saying who did the blogging between the two of you. But don't count on me remembering..stress this year has turned my brain to complete mush!

I fixed the post though...now you aren't your mommas mommy lol! Just your kitties!

Belle Adorn said...

That picture came out really good for you! And what a funny one w/twisted Dewey. That cat is too much entertainment and he's so pretty too. I just want to reach into my monitor and pet him.

Those cat charms are the ones I sent to you, cool!! Nice necklace too. Does your mom wear it?

Sorry it has taken me so very long to look at this. I'll get to it soon. Thanks xo