Monday, January 05, 2009

Makua the Lost Kitty

It was a Thursday and I was sitting at my computer in my office/studio when suddenly I heard a desperate meowing right under my window. I got up to take a look and there was a calico tabby wandering around in my heliconia. She started to walk away before I meowed back at her..when I did, she immediately turned around and meowed back. We played this game for a few seconds and then I went to my front door and out to the front yard, meowing for her as I did. She came running and was so lovey and friendly. Acted as if she were my own cat and she missed me or something lol!

I hung out w/ her for about 5 min and then kindly told her that I enjoyed the visit but that I had to get back to work now. So off I went. Soon my son calls to me and tells me that she is crying in the garage. So I go out to see whats up and sure enough..she comes running out from under our car and will hardly let me walk she's rubbing against each leg. So I decide I could stay out for a bit with her because I should water the plants in back. She follows me, but when I turn on the water..she runs for her life. So I figure visit was over.

Nope..when I go out to take some jewelry pictures in my back yard..there she is again! So we had a little photo shoot. It was hard to photograph her though because she was so lovey that she could not stay back away from the camera...the only time she did was when she was crawling through potted plants and stuff checking things out. When I would call to her to get her to look at me she would run right up nose to the camera again. Here I had to sneak up on her and take a picture through some plants:

So after our photo shoot, I went back inside and didn't come out for a few more hours. When I did go out to the garage again..where she was sleeping on top of my car like she lives here!

After realizing I'd just been adopted as a new mommy I decided I'd better call the Maui Humane Society. I put her up on my husband's workbench and pet her for a bit first..then noticed she had a tattoo in her ear! I called the humane society and they looked it up..first they told me "You sure she's a cat?" I'm laughing "Yeah I know what a cat is!" the lady laughed and said that the number on her ear shows up a chihuahua in the computer. So she said she was gonna research and call me back. So I put a box up on the bench for the kitty and gave her some food and water and went inside.

About 1/2 an hour later I got a call from a possible owner of the kitty. She said she had been missing since Thanksgiving. I checked in the garage and sure enough the kitty was in her box sleeping. The woman wanted to come in a couple hours after work and hoped that I could keep her for her. I couldn't let her in because I have two kitties and she was growling at them through the screen door... but I said I would make her as comfy as possible and she would probably stick around since she had all day.

Happy ending to my little story...The owner came..the kitty was still there and it was her kitty! The owner had tears in her eyes and told me that the kitty's name is Makua and that today was the year anniversary since her husband gave her Makua as a present. Makua is the SWEETEST kitty..I can see why she'd been gone a month and looked healthy and fed. She probably made a lot of friends along her journey.


Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, what a lovely story. So glad it had a happy ending!

Christina said...

What a nice story with a happy ending! A few years ago I was taking a walk through our old neighborhood and a large dog started following me. I think it was a great dane. It followed me all through my walk and back to my house. Along my walk I couldn't find anyone who knew who the dog belonged to. He was very friendly. I put him in my back yard and made some calls, but had no luck. I ended up having to bring him to the police station. They were going to keep him there for a few days and, if no one claimed him, an officer there was going to bring him home.

ChezChani said...

Sweet baby!!! Much cuter than a Chihuahua.

BTW I've had to tag you in the photo game. Check out my blog. Sowwwwyyyyy

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I'm glad you guys enjoyed my story..I certainly enjoyed the day with this sweet kitty. I am not allowed to have anymore cats so I'm so glad I found the owner...I could not bare to have the Humane Society pic her up. The owner gave me her phone number in case she wanders over here again!

Marjorie said...

Now that's the kind of ending I like to read! Marvelous story and such a beautiful little cat. Calicos are my absolute favorite. I'm so glad you helped her find her way home.

The Beading Gem said...

This is a lovely story and will give my friend who lost one of her cats hope!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh good..I hope your friend finds her kitty..or if not..she can have hope that the reason her cat never came home is because someone is being so nice to her that she couldn't bring herself to leave and then forgot where home is. At least she is probably taken care of and healthy and happy :)