Monday, January 12, 2009

My beading table misses me....and other tidbits

I miss my beading area :( I'm trying to get a head start on gathering my tax info though because I have two businesses to do it for and I"m so bad at keeping up all year. The biggest reason I'm behind is that I am sitting here at this desk too much instead of the one right next to it w/ my other more boring job. I'm hoping to spread it out more evenly this year so I don't neglect either and then don't have to stay away from the fun too long. This is what I say every we will see!

Had my nephews over to spend the night Thursday's been a while. Major lego action going on in the living room. I should have taken a picture after the war. This was the boundary set up to minimize fighting and the claims that "HEY I had that first!"... "no it was all the way on my side of the border so you couldn't have!" Worked pretty good for about an hour!

Koa and I made brownies.

...behind him on the table you can see the puzzle that drove us crazy! It's of Time Square in NY..many years ago because Jay Leno looks awfully thinner and there are advertisements up for the Flinestone movie and for Speed lol! Kana, Koa's brother helped us finish it..finally!!!

This one came in a box w/ about 7 other puzzles, so because of this shared space you only get a small picture on front and a small one inside. We had to use a magnifying glass to find where pieces went. Hard on the eyes..but kind of a fun challenge all in itself

Then Friday night we went to my brothers In'laws was he and his wife Charme's 10th anniversary. Forgot to take my camera off macro so got some blurry pics :( Here are a bunch of us true local style Aloha Friday in the garage hanging out ;-)

and here is my brother Jay, his wife Charme and their oldest son Kila cutting the yummy anniversary cake. Charme is a preschool teacher and has many tips helping you to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten. She also sells educational toys online. Here is her website Ms. Charme's Educational Toys and Games for Children and here is her youtube channel w/ all of her helpful videos mscharme


wakeupandlive said...

Ok...I totally want to come hang out in the garage!! And that puzzle looks SUPER hard! Great job finishing it though!

Tahitian Pearl Jewels said...

Great stuff! I love the pic of everyone having a great time in the garage -- true local style right there!

And don't worry; I'm sure your beading table misses you as well. ;)

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Hanging out in the garage is pretty fun...actually so many do it here that on garage sale days it's hard to tell which is the garage sale and which is just set up for weekend fun!

Lou's addictions said...

Looks like you guys had a ball.

I do have the same accent as David Tennant, which is cool as he is an awesome actor.

1314 on my hubbys tattoo represents the battle of Bannochburn in Scottish history. He is a mega patriot and it is the famous battle where the scots beat the english. (In braveheart it is the battle with the famous speach by mel Gibson). So it was funny to realise my girls were born on the 13th and 14th.

Stefani said...

Love your beading table. I love seeing the workspace of others. Looks like lots of fun at your house lately!

The Beading Gem said...

The beading can wait - family comes first!!

ChezChani said...

Why do people hang out in the garage? I couldn't do it, between my candle factory and the fact that I leave the door open a little for the neighbourhood cats, who like to pee in there...well there is an interesting odor of scented cat pee. It's also an all-around storage area so I just barely manage to squeeze in my car.

Zen Ventures said...

Great pictures still. And you got me so green with envy at how meticulously clean and organized your beading table is! I don't think I can keep mine nearly as neat. As for beading, I have been slacking so much on that aspect too! There's just so much that needs to be done that needs top priority. Oh well...I'll get back to it one day soon- I hope!

Jonara Blu Maui said...

I'll answer ChezChani's question here incase others are wondering too and then I will go answer her on her blog.

To tell you the truth I'm not sure why the tradition started here of having parties in the thing that comes to mind though is perhaps because it's so hot and the cool air felt good..maybe too because many here have smaller places since housing here is so there isn't a lot of room in the houses for a lot of people. I know at this house in the picture..there is a lot of room in the huge living room, but that is upstairs and it's really hot up there.

plus we barbeque a lot and the barbeque is in the garage. Though there was no bbq'ing at this party..lots of good food though..kalua turkey, ribs, chow fun....yummmm